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Linda DeStefano Brown - Fine Art Photographer Linda DeStefano Brown - Fine Art Photographer


I grew up in Hudson, Massachusetts, moved to Berkeley California for a year, then Chicago for a year, settling in Ann Arbor, Michigan for about four decades before returning to New England. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts and a Master of Public Administration from Eastern Michigan University.

During my Fine Art studies, I began my journey with a camera enjoying my solitude in a darkroom processing black and white film. I now work in my digital lab with a Nikon camera and lenses and process with Lightroom, Photoshop, and ON1.

Through my photography, I search for hidden meanings beyond the visual world surrounding us, creating images that transform the ordinary into a visual journey of familiar feelings, thoughts, fantasies, and memories.

Some images are very sharp and detailed while others are very much influenced by Impressionism’s interplay of light to present a poetic and ethereal feel to them.

Because of the fluidity of time and the changing experiences we have, they can mean different things at different times. For me, time has become an idea that past, present and future are commingled in a single cerebral space. One spacial time cannot exist alone and thereby influences the others. Thoughts of the past along with anticipations of the future are ever present in our current existence.

Linda DeStefano Brown, BFA, MPA
Fine Art Photographer

Me and My Equipment

My early work was film capture in black and white using a Nikon F camera. Today I have moved into the digital world.  I a started using a Nikon D700 but now use the Nikon mirrorless camera.  I have various lenses and sometimes use neutral density filters and a circular polarizer. I do use a tripod for those times I want long exposures, but I mainly shoot handheld. I use Lightroom, Photoshop, ON1 and Topaz for editing. 

Artist Statement

“My imagery is a combination of the natural world, my photographer’s eye, and the experiences brought to it by the viewer. Whether the image is a sharp visualization of the world or is impressionistic, I invite the viewer to journey through a world of feelings, thoughts, and memories. Relying heavily on the viewer’s own reflections reveals our interconnectedness. This relationship creates individual interpretations limited only by our own imaginations. It is hoped that the viewer will engage in new and alternative ways of seeing
the world.”

— Linda DeStefano Brown

Publications and Exhibits

My work has been published in Harper's Magazine, Nature Photographer Magazine and their website, and in Best of Photography.

Images have been exhibited at 6 Bridges Gallery, Maynard MA;  ArtsWayland, Wayland MA;  BHPC Gallery, WellesleyMA; Boston Post Road Art Center, Marlborough MA; Fountain Street Fine Art Gallery, Boston MA; Hudson Town Hall, Hudson MA; Marlborough Public Library, Marlborough MA; MetroWest Chamber, Framingham MA; Moose Hill Audubon Wildlife Sanctuary Gallery, Sharon MA; Nancy’s Airfield Cafe, Stow MA; and Sprinkler Factory, Worcester MA.


– 6 Bridges Gallery, Past Member
- ArtsWayland, Member
– Assabet Valley Camera Club, Member
– Fountain Street Fine Art, Associate Member (previously a Core member)
- Hopkinton Center for the Arts, Member
– Plymouth Center for the Arts, Member

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